Most people who meet a prospect, kick off the “date” by discussing what they have to offer and, by default, immediately try to “seal the deal.” Like a bad date, this can be an instant turn off and can make things super awkward 🤦‍♀️ There is nothing more ‘salesy’ than trying to position your product or service without taking the time to understand your prospect.


So start by “dating” your prospects. Get to know them, understand their needs first. Then you can turn up the flirt by providing them REAL value. Research has proven prospects need up to 20 touchpoints before buying and businesses that nurture their leads make up to 50% more sales. So make an effort and swipe right people! 👉


Tip: Give prospects an opportunity to “date you.” Offer an experience or taster of your product or service, be it a download, whitepaper, demo, trial, explainer video, sample, or webinar. The key is to value add during the nurturing process 🌱 Our clients have seen up to 100% increase in conversion by making a few simple changes to their nurture process. The best way to manage this process is by using a CRM. Don’t have one or unsure which CRM is best for you? Why not check out our CRM selection guide. 


The guide takes you through 3 super simple steps below, which helps you to identify the right CRM for your business.

1) Identify what functionality you need 💻

2) Determine what integrations you need 📲

3) Set yourself a budget 💵


Get started today and follow the process here for yourself!



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