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Abbie White is redefining sales for the digital era.

Meet Abbie White

As the CEO and founder of Sales Redefined, her superpower is being the marriage counsellor for sales and marketing to bridge the gap, yielding 2000%+ ROI on lead-generation campaigns. 

Abbie has facilitated over $500M in sales, with over 17 years of experience in the trenches, working with leading companies such as CBA, Telstra, and IBM.


Before Sales Redefined, she held the position of National Sales Manager at IBM, overseeing a $100 Million portfolio and transforming the sales performance of her team.

Abbie is a sought-after sales thought leader, a Forbes Australia Contributor, and a LinkedIn Sales Insider. 


She delivers keynotes that aren't just inspiring—

they're actionable, equipping teams with realistic and immediate strategies for tangible growth.

Watch Abbie in Action

Watch Abbie in Action

Abbie White Speaker Reel
Abbie White Speaker Reel
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90% of Sales Stall Because...
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Will AI Take My Job?
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What's all the fuss about SMarketing?
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Why Abbie's the Ideal Keynote Speaker
For You:


If you read any review about Abbie, you'll spot two words: "infectious energy."


Abbie's energetic and relatable style inspires audiences to action.


She walks the talk! Abbie works on sales campaigns daily and speaks from first-hand, real-world experience in the current market. She's still well and truly in the game; there is no theory here; it's all in practice.


Abbie has built a reputation for raising the bar on keynote speaking by researching and personalising her keynote for each audience. She delves deep beneath the surface to deliver the most bespoke keynotes.

We thoroughly enjoyed the Future of Sales content. The session structure was fresh, and the content was rich in real-world experience, delivered with equal part’s candour, and enthusiasm.
Thank you for setting the tone and raising the bar in conference keynote sessions.

National Sales Manager, Pierre Fabre


Work with Abbie

Keynote Speaking & Sales Enablement

Abbie delivers highly practical and energetic conference keynotes, sales kick off or sales enablement workshops. Learn more for Abbie's keynote topics and sales training workshops.



REV UP is a live, attend-from-anywhere, 12-month program for teams in sales, pre-sales, marketing, and customer management. REV UP Members benefit from bite-sized revenue enablement and continuous learning from an epic line-up of finely curated experts


Consulting & Strategy

Abbie offers consultancy and strategy on sales, high performing sales teams, alignment of sales & marketing, lead generation and growth strategies. 

Abbie's approach is highly practical, proven, and realistic.


Abbie has worked with

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The Future of Sales In 2024:
The 5 Sales Trends To Double Down On Fast To Maximise Your Growth

We’ve done the legwork for you to analyse the latest research and combine with our own insights to shortlist the top 5 trends you need to know to get ahead.

I cannot recommend Abbie highly enough. Not only is she relatable and engaging, but her content and all of the learning outcomes were so digestible and able to be interpreted by everyone in the room.
If you are needing to reignite the sales energy in your business and get your team focused on the right activities, Abbie is definitely the person to do it.

Senior HR Consultant, Gallagher

What stood out to us was the level of detail Abbie went into to really understand our business, the team and exactly the outcomes we desired for our conference.
Abbie was phenomenal at getting our teams engaged, creating instant traction with live activities and ensuring everyone walked away with achievable and realistic goals while being fully motivated and entertained.

Frontline Recruitment

Abbie delivered an outstanding keynote for our conference, working with our leaders to identify real actions they could take to build high-performing sales teams. 
She invested time to understand our business and needs and tailored her content beautifully. 
Abbie brought great energy to our event – she was relatable, knowledgeable, and challenged our leaders to think differently about the roles of sales & marketing in today’s environment.  



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