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Abbie's Keynote Topics

Keynote Speaker | Sales Expert | Sales Enablement and Training

The Future of Sales

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive world it is vital to not only stay ahead of the game but to make your competition irrelevant. Sales is changing rapidly in a digital age, with educated customers. Audiences will gain insights and predictions into the future of sales that will help them thrive, not just survive! 

Key takeaways 

  • Understand what the landscape and future of sales will look like, and how to prepare and get a first-mover advantage

  • The traditional sales approaches are outdated and no longer effective

  • How to redefine your sales strategies and drive hyper-growth

  • The most effective and highest converting sales trends

  • How to future-proof your business and put the sales team in pole position

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Future of Sales
Abbie White in The Execution Summit

High-Performance Sales Habits 

A high performing sales team is essential to growth and success. So, how do you embed proactive sales habits that build a high-performance sales culture?

In this keynote, I reveal what the world’s top sales professionals do differently to consistently play a high-performance game. I’ll unlock your team’s potential by helping them understand how to adopt simple proactive sales habits that will have them performing all year round.

Key Takeaways


  • In the era of digital sales, what is working and delivering real results in today’s market?

  • What do high performers do differently from the under-performers?

  • What is best sales practice and breaking the mould on prospecting

  • How to shift from reactive to proactive sales

  • How to stand out in a crowded and noisy market


The REV UP System 

Abbie will unpack ‘The REV UP System’ in an action packed session. Bring together your revenue generating teams to learn The REV UP System together. Attendees will learn the method which has generated 2000% ROI and 7-figure outcomes.

The session is dynamite for revenue growth! 

Key takeaways  

  • Learn the Rev Up System for revenue growth 

  • Highly practical learning with examples 

  • Understand how to map your end to end customer journey to maximise every opportunity, creating an epic customer experience and soaring revenue. 

Abbie White speaking at the 2023 Laser Clinics Showcase Sydney 9 October

How to align sales and marketing for growth

Are your sales and marketing teams feeling the love? Only 8% of companies have a strong alignment between sales and marketing, those that do generate 209% more revenue. It’s time to think SMarketing!

Abbie White is known as the marriage counseller to sales and marketing, she will take you behind the scenes and unpack the 5 proven and highly practical steps to align for growth in 2024 (and pitfalls to avoid!).

Align Sales and Marketing

Sales Training & Enablement

If you're looking to ignite your growth and build a world leading high-performance sales team, then Abbie has you covered. Abbie delivers interactive, engaging and highly-practical sales workshops.


Abbie is known for her infectious energy and ability to turn learnings into action. Her most popular topics include:

  1. High Performance Sales Habits

  2. The Psychology of Sales

  3. LinkedIn Social Selling

  4. The Future of Sales

  5. Account Based Sales & Marketing

  6. Prospecting like a pro

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Sales Training & Enablement

Looking for a
high impact speaker?

Abbie brings her infectious energy to every keynote, personalises content to your business and provides highly practical takeaways for your audience to execute immediately. She will share her unique approach to aligning your revenue generating teams for growth.

Request more information on Abbie’s most popular keynote topics using the form below.

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